April 2014

Holy (skinny) cow! I'm still sippin' on the sweet syzzrup from the Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape. I've been checking in with a few of the women since they got home just 2 weeks ago and I LOVE hearing the stories of how one woman's fiancée was blown away by her glow of happiness since she [...]


Nothing will deflate your confidence quicker than taking an arm load of clothes into the dressing room simply to find that NOTHING fits you. Not only are you walking 3 feet smaller, but you can't help but think, "what's wrong with me? why does nothing fit?" Ever have that feeling? Ugh, it's awful. I don't [...]

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I am bubbling over with joy and gratitude. Last week I hosted the first Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape where 9 women unplugged, rebooted and shed hundreds of pounds - physically, mentally and emotionally. I love watching the transformation and their faces as they get their zest for life back all without starving themselves or working [...]