July 2015

Oh the agony of thigh chafing! There is NOTHING worse! And when the weather is oppressively hot, the last thing you want to wear are pants! While there are literally hundreds of remedies to protect your precious thighs from the excruciating stingy and burning of thigh chafing, many solutions are messy and as sexy as [...]

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  You may have been taught, that when you finally lose the excess weight, THEN you’ll love your body. I know I did! Which made me really good at what I like to call the “hating yourself skinny” method. I don’t recommend it. It wasn’t much fun. In fact, it was torture. But I couldn’t [...]


  “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” I remember saying screaming that to a friend of mine as I recounted the story of my own weight loss journey. I had been struggling to find freedom from worrying about food and my body for more than half of my life. I tried diets. Doubling up on workouts. [...]