October 2015

I used to hate Halloween because candy was everywhere! And just a few handfuls would easily turn into the whole freakin’ bag no matter how much I tried to control myself. Now having healed my relationship with food, I can easily walk past candy bowls and down candy aisles without even the slightest trigger. And [...]

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Quick Q for you... Do you secretly feel shameful that after scouring book after book, you’re still overeating and you’re still searching for answers? I can totally relate. But just like my clients, books, facts and information never changed my actions. They never helped me stop eating ice cream every time I was feeling overwhelmed [...]


“Make no mistake about it: your unhealthy eating is an act of self-hate.” That’s one of my favorite tough love quotes from Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher of mine. Now you might be wondering... “how do I go from self-hate to self-love?” In one of my favorite J-ciniTV episodes I want to share with you [...]