Why wait to heal your emotional eating?

The moment your eyes are open, seize the day.

Would you hold back when the Universe beckons?

Would you deliver your litany of reasons why you can’t succeed, like a child’s collection of seashells, prized and labeled?

“No, I can’t step across the threshold,” you say with shame.

“I’m not worthy. I’m afraid, and I feel superficial wanting to lose the weight. I’m not perfect and surely I haven’t succeeded in the past. My meditation isn’t deep and my prayers are sometimes insincere. I chew my fingernails and the refrigerator isn’t clean. I still overeat even though I know so much about food. I fear what will happen when I really am free. Who will I be?”

Do you value your reasons for staying small more than the light shining through the open door?

Forgive yourself.

Now is the only time you have to be whole.

Now is the sole moment that exists to live in the light of your freedom from food.

Perfection is not a prerequisite for anything but pain.

Don’t continue to believe in your fear. 

This is the day of your healing.

With love,

PS. The above was adapted from a reading I heard in my yoga class last week. It pierced my heart. I’ve read it every day since as my hope and shining light. My intention is that you receive some relief from it too. xo



Dr. Deepak Chopra tells a powerful story in his book, Quantum Healing, that I want to share with you:

“An Ohio University study of heart disease was conducted by feeding quite toxic, high-cholesterol diets to rabbits in order to block their arteries, duplicating the effect that such a diet has on human arteries.

Consistent results began to appear in all the rabbit groups except for one, which strangely displayed 60% fewer symptoms. Nothing in the rabbits’ physiology could account for their high tolerance to the diet, until it was discovered by accident that the student who was in charge of feeding these particular rabbits liked to cuddle and pet them. 

He would hold each rabbit lovingly for a few minutes before feeding it; astonishingly, this alone seemed to enable the animals to overcome the toxic diet.”

Repeat experiments, in which one group of rabbits was treated neutrally while the others were loved, came up with similar results.”

Additionally, studies have shown that cancer patients who attend support groups live an average of twice as long after diagnosis as those who don’t.

What is this secret weapon that can penetrate even the darkest, most toxic experiences? 

It is love. 

You may even call it God.

It is only when LOVE is channeled through human beings like the student loving the rabbits, or support groups like our Escape From Emotional Eating Retreats, where space is created for increased compassion, understanding and transformation, that love can penetrate the toxic darkness.

I have seen this happen year after year in the women who attend our retreats, called The ESCAPE. 

Women who swore that they’d always need to lock up naughty foods are suddenly able to eat one of something – one bowl, one piece, one bite. Women who have never been able to lose weight suddenly find their clothes too baggy, their waistbands too loose.

Even those who have worked through their painful eating and lost weight, are still coming year after year. They call it coming home.

I share this with you, because your freedom from emotional eating doesn’t sit at the end of a grueling diet or a juice cleanse.

It sits in an intimate group of women, in a sea-side hotel in Cape May, NJ on a retreat called The Escape.

It’s time to approach emotional eating differently.

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Sending you love every minute of every day,

Excerpt from Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love.”



Pretend it’s just you and me, sitting in my kitchen sharing a cup of tea. I take a deep breath because what I’m about to share with you feels so vulnerable. Then I courageously confess…

I’ve secretly battled with adult cystic acne for years…the kind where it feels like volcanos are violently erupting underneath your skin.  There were some days I was in so much pain that, I swear, it felt like I was growing a third arm out of my chin.

I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. 

I desperately sought out surface approaches for relief: getting facials regularly and buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of new face products.

But nothing was making a difference.

My acne was painful and getting worse.

At my wit’s end, I turned to the same tools that I teach my clients.

As I poured my feelings on the pages of my journal, I realized, just like with emotional eating, that my acne was simply a symptom of a deeper problem.

What we see on the physical level, like acne or excess weight, is a mirror for what is going on in our internal world.

Willing to look within, I saw layers of anger, rage and extreme self-loathing that I had stuffed down, suppressed. Now it was painfully erupting out of every pore in my face.  

I committed myself to an “emotional detox” using the same powerful process that healed my emotional eating called Digesting EmotionsTM  to help me easily and peacefully release the thoughts and feelings that were no longer serving me.

Two weeks later my skin was completely clear!

I’m still shocked that the very same way I healed my emotional eating helped me clear my skin. But it also makes sense because our bodies are merely a screen onto which we project the nature of our thoughts.

Digesting EmotionsTM helped me surrender psychological sludge and remove emotional sewage. The healing of my skin was simply a reflection of that removal.

Now it’s your turn… are you secretly using food to escape the feelings you don’t want to feel? 

Then I invite you to apply for an Escape From Emotional EatingTM Discovery Session and receive this powerful and deeply transformational support around your relationship with food.

This is complimentary, my gift to you.

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See you on the other side!

With all my heart,