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Early on in my journey to escape from emotional eating I got really clear that counting calories, portioning out food and weighing myself every day was never going to create the peace with food I desperately desired.

Because these methods are based solely in science.

They completely miss the MOST important aspect of yourself.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺

The journey to heal your emotional eating and finally have peace with foodis a spiritual one.

Because no matter how much nutritional information you know or how much “work you’ve done on yourself,” you alone cannot outsmart the psychic force of your compulsions with food.

If you could, Weight Watchers would have worked.

For this problem, you need help from your inner Self, your Higher Power. Call it faith, or call it the placebo effect; both will calm you down and put you back into your right mind, which is everything we’re about here at Escape From Emotional Eating.

I can tell you that when I started to connect in with my Spirit, my relationship with food started to heal at a rapid rate.

I no longer needed to stuff myself with food to feel calm and grounded.

My inner demons stopped barking about food all the time.

And I could stop eating when I was physically satiated without getting slammed by weird fears that I would never eat again.

The healthier my Spirit got, the healthier my body became.

I believe in this so much because I’ve watched it happen in my own body and life that it’s a foundation for everything I teach in our ESCAPE programs and retreats.

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If I’m really honest with you, there’s something I was using in the same way I used to use food. I was using it to numb.

Today marks 68 days of being alcohol free.

If you feel crazy and compulsive around food, you know how big of a deal it is to be free from ANY compulsive behavior, because of all the inner demons, doubt, fear and energy thats tangled with it.

What’s really cool is that I applied all the same principles, tools and steps I teach in the Escape From Emotional Eating to become alcohol free.

It’s been a journey, for sure.

Thank goodness for the tools.

But now I have no energetic connection, no magnetic pull, to alcohol like there used to be. I don’t feel compelled to numb (even when everyone around me is drinking!). Now I have a choice.

When I first started my journey to heal my emotional eating, I had this fear that healing would be worse than the “food jail” I was in. And when I was looking at my relationship with alcohol I had that same fear.

It was as if my mind was seeing the freedom I desperately desired as death. 

But standing here before you today, having walked this journey with food (and now alcohol!), I can confidently say that this journey BIRTHS a new, even better version of yourself. 

A brighter, lighter, happier, healthier, more in integrity with yourself version of you.

That’s certainly how I feel.

And it gets better and better each day.

To choosing with nourishes you,