How to Stay Full All Morning

We’ve allll been there…that awkward time between 10am and lunch where hunger creeps in a lot earlier than it should!  Where you find yourself playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe to help you choose between your only 2 dreadfully disappointing options:

Option 1 is to eat and not be hungry for lunch (which means giving up your excuse for a mid-day sanity break)


Option 2 is to work through the hunger and pray you make it to your lunch break without passing out (or deliriously watching the minutes tick by)

Neither of these options are fun nor will they put you on the fast track to dropping a pant size!

So I want to give you a secret weapon that is!

In today’s episode of J-ciniTV, I dish out 3 secrets that’ll have you smooth sailing all morning long. That way, you can focus your time, energy and mind space on tackling that to-do list with grace and ease!

Warning! This secret will shock you:

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Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next week on J-ciniTV!

Love, health & laughter,


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