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Diets don’t work. Meal plans aren’t sustainable. Treadmills are torture devices. If these things did work for you, you wouldn’t be here still searching for answers. Laugh Yourself Skinny™ is unlike any other weight loss program out there. I am committed to long lasting transformation. What I call the real work and getting to the roots of your unhealthy relationship with food and your body and fostering deep healing. Laugh Yourself Skinny™ isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for another “quick fix” that you want to try for a few weeks or months, you’re in the wrong place. But if you’re ready to truly heal the inner emotional battle that you’re engaging in when it comes to food, then let’s have a conversation. We have some important work to do.

The Next Step

The Laugh Yourself Skinny™ VIP mentorship program is perfect for you if:

  • You feel like you have been fighting food and your body for as long as you can remember
  • You’ve had someone tell you “you’re fat”, “you need to lose weight”, or “don’t eat that” at some point in your life
  • You sometimes wonder if losing weight and keeping it off is really possible for you and sometimes wonder if you are missing the “skinny” gene

The Laugh Yourself Skinny™ Total Package mentorship is perfect for you if:

  • You eat healthy and exercise but fall off track when life gets busy and you turn to food to take the edge off
  • You eat when you aren’t hungry, overeat or binge particularly when stressed, overwhelmed or anxious and this happens a number of times a week
  • You have a sense you are a people pleaser because you have trouble sticking to what’s best for you to do when around other people

The Laugh Yourself Skinny Escape™  mentorship experience is perfect for you if:

  • You desire a fast track, not a quick fix, to ending the emotional battle you engage in with food and your body
  • You desire a 6-month transformation in 5 days in a beautiful safe environment where you’ll be understood, accepted and loved where you can emerge feeling reborn
  • You recognize that overwhelm, from life or even feeling you need to change everything overnight to love your body, is standing in your way from reaching your goals

This is an opportunity to explore if Laugh Yourself Skinny™ and working with me is a right fit to creating long lasting peace with food. This is a complimentary connection, my gift to you, reserved for women who are ready to receive high level support and get to the roots of your relationship with food. Your next step in receiving this powerful session is to fill out this application. Once submitted, I’ll personally review it. If I sense I can support you, a member of my team will reach out to get you scheduled.

Will This Work For Me?

Check out these success stories of other women who have lost 10, 20 and 30+ pounds Laughing Themselves Skinny.

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